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Viero Textured Paints
Explore Viero's signature collection of textured paint products trusted by architects, design experts and project specialists worldwide.
Allure paint is enhanced by the reflections of luxury golden or silver pigments that creates fascinating light effects. It is ideal for illuminating the scene in exclusive and refined settings.
Erametal is distinguished by a fine metallic appearance, resulting from the blend of select metallic pigments. It offers perfect effect for modern and cosmopolitan atmospheres.
Ghibli is characterized by its soft material appearance that results from natural quartz sands present in its composition, inspired by the precious demask fabric.
Mycene delivers luminous surface effects due to its distinctive metallic base combined with gold or silver accents and “floc” or small soft flakes that can be worked within finishes.
Inspired by the lustrous and soft fabric, Silk is a water-based finish that offers a selection of four mettalic accents: white, silver, gold and reddish.
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Viero offers a collection of high-end Venetian polished plasters and paints preferred by architects, designs and contractors worldwide.
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