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Viero Protective Coatings
We serve to protect the decorative finishes on your wall surfaces with our range of UV-resistant and waterproof coating solutions manufactured and distributed exclusively by Viero Paints.

Aqua protection is a specially formulated transparent coating that keeps the lime-based surface finishes intact with its effective non-yellowing and UV-resistant properties.
L105 offers high-quality glossy coating on smooth lime-based and synthetic finishes of interiors and exteriors surfaces that require high resistance against moisture.
Multiquarz primer is a quartz-based opaque coating solution that can be used both as a primer coat for decorative effects and as a finishing product.
Nature wax is a balanced mix of natural virgin waxes emulsified with specific additives that are ideal for enhanced gloss finish and waterproofing on interior surfaces.
Our Key Projects
Viero’s extensive project portfolio showcases major interior decor work accomplished for high-end commercial and residential establishments worldwide. Explore our key projects.
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