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Viero Paints & Finishes
Viero's collection of products range from the classic Venetian polished plasters to new patterns for contemporary exteriors and interiors. These specialised paints, finishes and coating solutions are preferred by architects and design industry experts for their excellent quality, aesthetic appeal and durability.
Lime-based Finishes
Naturally sourced from the caves of Italy, Viero's eco-friendly lime-based products are ideal for achieving long-lasting,
fire-proof and durable surface effects that are free from harmful VOC chemicals. These signature lime-based products possess anti-mold properties and create visually impactful surface effects. View all lime-based finishes.
Decorative Plasters
Viero UAE offers a limitless range of versatile decorative plasters for interior and exterior walls and surfaces. These selective Italian décor products are best suited to add traditional and contemporary elemental touches for refined level of finishing. View all decorative plasters.
Textured Paints
Choose from the best in Italian textured paint solutions at Viero UAE, representing an eclectic mix of colours, patterns, finishes and décor products that add personality and character to interior wall surfaces, architectural facades, and creative design projects. View all textured paints.
Exterior Paints
Achieve contemporary and classic Venetian polished plaster finishes for exterior surfaces of home, design and architectural projects with Viero's exclusive range of high quality specialist exterior paints, manufactured in Italy and distributed to the world through its global network. View all exterior paints.
Protective Coatings
Prevent the decorative aspects of valuable assets, wall surfaces and architectural facades from the threat of corrosion with protective coating solutions from Viero Paints UAE. Our coating solutions are manufactured using in-depth research, product testing and world-class materials. View all protective coatings.
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