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Viero Lime-based Finishes
Lime-based finishes are the most popular Venetian polished plasters in Viero's exclusive range of products. These specialised Italian finishes are made with a base of pure lime putty and marble powder, ideal for achieving long lasting and impactful surface effects that are free from harmful VOC chemicals.
Marmorin is a classic lime-based plaster made of pure lime putty and marble powder ideal for surfaces needing transparent and contrasting light-dark effects.
Marmorin Extra, inspired by the precious qualities of marble, results in tiny craters and a distinctly textured appearance, with translucent smooth surfaces and exposed grain.
Marmorino Hydro, decked as a high-end surface coating is especially used to add an elegant and sophisticated solid matt finish.
Mithos Lux results in naturally three-dimensional surface effects with a glossy marble finish that is both aesthetically appealing and classic.
Travertine is a thick, elegant and traditional textured coating that leaves a monumental effect on surfaces with a warm pallete of stone colours.
Vixalit combines a unique hybrid effect of antiquity and modernity that reflects in its rustic appearance enlivened by brush strokes with a light-dark shade.
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