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Viero Decorative Plasters
Explore Viero's stylish range of traditional and contemporary Venetian decorative plasters ideal for achieving refined textured look on interior and exterior wall surfaces.
Ceramitz produces natural stone finish and matt effect on surfaces resulting from its coloured quartz sand components. It adds an element of refinement and freshness to any setting.
Grani-plast is a classic decorative plaster comprising of fine and medium-sized Italian marble grains that create a natural yet elegant and non-standardized finish on surfaces.
Krakkle is a unique finish that produces desired vertical textures and cracks, distinct and irregular effects, variance in direction, and thickness as per one's aesthetic sensitivity.
Ideal for achieving classic marbled effect, Lithos is primarily composed of acrylic solution that renders the aesthetic extremely solid, smooth, and reflective.
The VieroPlast Cenere effect elevates the appearance of interior surfaces with its dusty hues that create a refined and intimate look inspired by ashes of wood.
Viero's signature Corduroy decorative effect renders exclusive and polished surface effects that are simply fit for a king’s lavish court.
This particular decorative plaster by Viero is known to produce surface finish of a worked, rough and wrinkled stone due to its irregular and slightly corrugated effects.
VieroPlast Wood offers a warm and natural charm inspired by relaxing Nordic atmospheres. The striped patterns and the teak, wenge, and iroko hues evoke the aspect of the tree bark.
Supply & Apply Services
The exclusive Supply & Apply service is a specialist solution offered by Viero paint experts and technicians ensuring the highest professional standards and exceptional finish for custom decor paint and coating requirements.
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